The McCabe Group is an executive consulting firm that serves as a strategic resource for senior leaders. We center on the human element in the organization as the key to achieving results. Bill McCabe, president and lead consultant, combines his operational skills honed as a business and military leader with the intuition and pragmatism forged as a decorated combat aviator to help clients accelerate their personal and organizational success.
Why turn to The McCabe Group?
At its heart, effective leadership includes two essential results-oriented attributes: Expecting the best from your people, and — in return — providing them the environment to do their best. The McCabe Group helps you make sure you really are enabling your people to achieve your strategic goals, meet the expectations of your customers, and reach your organization's true potential. We bring a seasoned operational approach to tackling tough senior leadership and organizational challenges in industry, aviation, government, and education. Relevant experience includes having:
  • Led internal cross-business/functional relationships in large global organizations to achieve crucial goals and develop key external strategic relationships.
  • Harnessed the pervasive cultural tensions between human factors (behavioral) and structural needs, such as merging/separating organizations, while meeting key operational objectives.
  • Enabled those in high stress situations like combat aircrews and demanding leadership positions to overcome anxiety-based performance constraints and regain their effectiveness.
  • Met complex change-management and long-range planning challenges with positive national security impacts.
  • Built extensive hands-on management and teaching experience in growing leaders and developing high performing teams with strong goal orientations.
This base of experience forms the foundation for our strategic consulting services. Please view the Our Impact tab for representative examples.
What you can expect
  • Assistance focused squarely on your unique needs and goals
  • Protection of the confidential nature of the relationship
  • Respect for your people and institutions
  • Commitment to your satisfaction